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  1. Pundit

    Quality Wordpress hosting

    Most Cpanel based hosting services will be able to provide with quality services for WP hosting. I have hostwinds.com as hosting provider to my blogs and I have to say that I'm happy about service I get.
  2. Pundit

    VPS deal ... where from?

    You mentored libertyvps.net, and as far as I know they are mostly offshore provider. If you are looking for US based solution I think that would be a good idea to check hostingsource.com.
  3. As far as I know seohost.com is one of the oldest providers. But there are a lot of old and really good providers now under EIG management. So I recommend you to make sure if they are not under EIG management. EIG means not really good service now.
  4. Pundit

    need reliable reseller

    I have shared account with hostwinds. So far everything is fine and I hope they have equal quality with their reseller hosting so I can conclude you are on the right way.
  5. Pundit

    offshore shared account is needed

    Depends on what you mean by offshore services. If you are looking just for good server/VPS check hostingsource, kvchosting, hostgator, vpsland.
  6. Pundit

    Resseller account or VPS?

    As far as I know hostwinds has as VPS as reseller account. Moreover you know them as shared host so you can jump from shared to reseller and then from reseller to VPS within one company.
  7. Pundit

    Portugal Servers

    As per webis.pt web site I can see they have not only Portugal, but also France and Canada. But Portugal is East of the Europe and if I were you I would consider some US options: rackspace, hostwinds and others.
  8. Pundit

    VPS with SSD

    As far a I know SSD VPS become a kind of norm for most providers and that is always a good idea to check non EIG based ones in order to exlude them. I think such providers as kvcwebhost.com, hostingsource.com - the ones which are old players on the web hosting market can be considered as good option and can be used with no doubts for your neews.
  9. Pundit

    Do you know Hostwinds?

    I have reseller account with Hostwinds. They are really fast and I'm completely satisfied with their services and uptime. I use reseller account for my own needs though.
  10. Pundit

    Wordpress Hosting

    For brand new Wordpress hosting you will be able to get started with shared account. Now you need to find right shared hosting provider. Recently I have seen hostastro.com and they now offer good discount for 70% OFF for 1 year. Just use coupon EID70
  11. Hello! When it comes for the dedicated server monitoring - what do you use? I have seen cloudstats.me. Have you ever tried that? They have 1200 servers and sounds promising. Please let me know.
  12. Pundit

    Looking for web hosting for images

    I think qhoster.com could be a right place for the search. They have some nice plans as for the web hosting as for the domain name registration. Also they work with almost every web currency like Payza, Paypal, Perfect Money, Webmoney and many others.
  13. Pundit

    corespace anyone?

    I have seen some good reviews for corespace.com cloud services. So I assume if you are considering them as clod service provider - you are on the right way
  14. Pundit

    Looking for web hosting for images

    Most of the web hosting companies which offer web hosting services can do that for you. From my end I would recommend you test and try as amny companies as possible. I can recommend you: hostgator.com, techlogicsolutions.com, 7host.com.
  15. Pundit

    High Uptime Web Hosts?

    I can name 7host.com as the one you can trust. They are pretty good service provider and they have always high uptime.