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  1. Whether a site can be more than one binding domain, so influential search engine?
  2. 1. what is the website SEO? 2. Why website SEO? 3. SEO divided into several forms? 4, how to make the website SEO? 5. SEO optimization software, which is better?
  3. Search engines generally how often they change, SEO how long it takes effect?
  4. Hello Some days ago, I have converted my Website ASP into HTML. I am scared that will be bad to google SEO. Whether to have an impact on SEO ? How to reduce the negative impact ? Could you please give some advice ? Thanks
  5. Hello I have heard of SEO is prefer Html to Asp. We are Trade company about Boat Accessories and Fishing Accessories. Some months ago, i built my website by other compay. But now, i find the website is aspx. How can i transfer this asp to html? Could you please give me some advice? Thank you!