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  1. yourweb

    Quit day Job

    Well if a person can make a living at that, I say go for it. I read a lot of things online but I would not read what is boring. I read a lot of what UHM posts on his site, cause I find it useful just like what Fabio posts on his site. I do the same thing on a few other sites as well. BUT to read someone you don't know that sounds boring, no thank you.
  2. yourweb

    Google doesn't use keyword meta tag

    I still use meta tags. Like anything else that was good before the web always seems to come back to it making a full circle.
  3. yourweb

    Register for a forum-but never log in

    remember back when, when you could registor in a forum to get searchers pointing back at ones own site? Look at their profiles and see if they have listed any websites. I have gotten the same thing and this is what I have been finding. Mostly spammers have been doing this. You can either delete that account or just delete the site listed. I delete the site listed. At least someone else can not use that account.
  4. yourweb

    Swine Flu Vaccine?

    that is a good video. probably could make some money selling that as a music video.
  5. yourweb

    How many languages do you speak?

    Only English for me. At times I can not even speak that very well.
  6. yourweb

    Can we cure Cancer?

    They do have some cures for cancer now. Which ones I don't know. Each day, month, year they are making strides to this disease as they are others.
  7. yourweb

    Some Sad News

    I just found out today that David Castle has passed away early this month. I am sadden to lose a friend like David. We had many chats on the forums and also through google talk. May he rest in peace.
  8. yourweb

    Yahoo Pulls Plug on Geocities

    To bad they are closing. They must of gotten what they wanted out of that and find it no longer useful. Shame. All those sites going to disappear.
  9. yourweb

    Username Colors Comments & Questions

    Nice idea. Will help out when you look at the names. Nice job.
  10. yourweb

    Rome - Mini Series

    Was looking online for the whole series to watch. Still have not found it. Has to be some place.
  11. yourweb

    Rome - Mini Series

    You rent the disk or was it on HBO?
  12. yourweb

    Need help for Web Design

    Yes what Fabio says here. Are you looking to do it yourself or hire out?
  13. yourweb

    Pink Panther 2

    I just watch the trailers is all.
  14. yourweb

    Paul Blart - Mall Cop

    No have not seen that movie. I may or may not see it in rental format. Thanks for the update.