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  1. Chrysostom

    Guest or Host at Parties?

    I'm not very good at either. :-(
  2. Chrysostom

    New Directory "LinksHere" - no reciprocal

    Thanks, I just submitted
  3. Chrysostom

    hello all

    Hi and welcome to TWT
  4. Chrysostom

    24Directory - New and Free

    Thanks, I made a submission.
  5. Chrysostom

    How many links do I need?

    It depends on your keyword; also the page that is linking to you makes a difference, in terms of relevance, PR, etc.
  6. Chrysostom

    Link baiting

    Thanks for the information, I've wondered what it is myself.
  7. Chrysostom

    Happy Birthday ctabuk

    yes, happy birthday!
  8. Chrysostom

    Hello from Czech

    hi and welcome, great to have you aboard!
  9. Chrysostom

    Page Rank

    Alexa is not very accurate unless your ranking is under 100k or so.
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    Hello From Submit Shop

    Hi and :welcome: to TWT!
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    Lumhierre here...

    Hi and :welcome: to TWT!
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    Jasper has a cold!

    Sorry to hear about your cold. Hope you feel better.
  13. Chrysostom


    Hi and welcome!
  14. Chrysostom

    Estimated 500K iPhone's sold in 2 days!

    sounds about right.