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  1. iowadawg

    Guest Blogging

    I don't allow guest posting simply because too many write horrible (eg: just spammers and scammers looking for an outlet to push whatever it is they are spamming and scamming or they are non-english and have no clue as to how to use grammar correctly). I don't do guest posting because most blogs that are worthy of me are like me (see above). EG: most blogs that allow guest posting are really crap blogs! Just posts after posts after posts of spam and scam.
  2. iowadawg

    The Myth (And Danger) of Posting To Your Blog Every Day

    He is full of it! I am sure there are a lot of bloggers who blog daily (or some other schedule) just because they want to blog or they feel they have to blog. Blogging daily is not a rat race of any kind! I think the bottom line is this: If your readers are looking for good new content, then blog daily. If your readers are dropping like a rock, maybe they do not like what you blog. Time for you to change to what your readers want or leave blogging. If you post daily just to post? Time to stop blogging. Heck, look at all those free google blogs that have not been updated in years.
  3. iowadawg

    Just to Help Out

    Did not know you all had a twitter account. Following now. If we can get all members to always tweet out about the forum, it would be great.
  4. iowadawg

    Just to Help Out

    Just to help out getting some more people in this forum, and hopefully more participation. I tweeted out to my followers about this forum earlier this evening. Someone remind me and I will continue to do so every few days. And something YOU should do also if you are on twitter! Oh if you go to twitter, I am iowadawg there also. twitter.com/iowadawg
  5. iowadawg

    Domains Available

    Been a long time since I told you about this blog. I still update it with some nice lists every single day. The lists are free, you can register any domain you find on the lists that are still available at your favorite registrar. So do stop by often. Thank you.
  6. iowadawg

    How many blogs do you have?

    Okay, as of right now...I have a grand total of 20 blogs. But just too much to take care of really. So come January, I will sell off or shut down about 13 of them. Simply because I have certain favorite blogs that I keep updated almost daily. The rest are a pain to have to update every day. Sure will cut down on my workload, and I do not like to work!
  7. iowadawg

    Chat Room

    One must be around to get into chat. So all you members? Get in here every day....
  8. iowadawg

    Merry Christmas!

    Hey! Only 420 days until Christmas! Christmas 2011 that is.....hahahahahhahaha
  9. My gosh! My wife and I were surprised this morning! (actually Tuesday morning, not this morning.) Got in the mail news that we now have our eleventh grandchild! A grandson, born 8-11. Picture of our new grandson is up at: Iowadawg's Blawg
  10. iowadawg

    Do You Review Your Old Posts?

    I do this on an ongoing basis. Old information buried deep that is still relevant, I will bring back to the forefront by changing the post date. Easy to do in wordpress. Blogs that have ebook, scripts, etc. Again any that have relevance or I think people should have, I bring to the forefront once again. And I have no problem as I go to old post of deleting them if they have no relevance today.
  11. iowadawg

    Domains Available

    I hope you all are visiting my domain blogs often. I put up new lists of domains that are available to register just about every single day. Been putting up nice list of .US domains available. Do drop by often. Thank you.
  12. iowadawg

    Domains Available

    Tells you something. Been over a month on this thread since I posted that yes, I am still putting up lists of domains available to register on both of the blogs. Do stop by each often.
  13. iowadawg

    New list of IOWA domains

    Oh, today I put up a nice list of domains that are very geo! All domains start with IOWA (yes, the beautiful state of Iowa). Rush on these to grab the ones you want. Some darn good gems in this list. Fresh Dropped Domains Yes, every day I post a new list of domains available for you to register. Plus once in a while, a great product that will help you in the domain business. Try to keep in only free stuff, like the other day a great ebook on keywords. But here and there may be something that you will have to pay for (hey, I have bills also...lol). And donations. I do have a paypal donation button. Why I have no idea because of late, it has been donations of one cent! hahahahahhahaha
  14. iowadawg

    What is My IP Address

    Thank you for that.... Yes, to go into that DOS holdover black box and type in new commands is very not good for most people.
  15. iowadawg

    Domains Available

    Still posting nice lists of domains that are available for you to register. Still all free (though a donation would be appreciated). Domain sold. And now, my new domain site! Yes, have another domain site where I am posting lists of domains that are available to register by alphabet (like today, G domains). Opened up this site because of two thing, one being I got the domain for nothing and second there are at any given time hundreds of thousands of domains available that have been dropped. So, another site with domains not found on the first site of mine. Domain sold. Note: these domains are mostly domains that have dropped withing the past 24 hours.