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    Google+ is no more!

    Well anyone who has bothered with Google+ has wasted their time! Let's hope the same fate happens to the horrible Facebook too!
  2. I am wondering if big business, in my case plc house builders, could do anything that would affect my website's standing in search results and serps. I am not sure what they could do, apart from buying advertising and links by the thousand to displace my website. It appears original content counts for little when it comes to serps for new home and property related keywords. With the current demand for new homes in the UK my site should be flying, I had waited six years for the market to improve yet its still the same level if visitors it was at five years ago.
  3. I received an e mail from Google this morning and it looks like they are [again] messing with search results. It reads: "Mobile-first indexing means that Googlebot will now use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking, to better help our (primarily mobile) users find what they're looking for" (according to Google that is!) "This means that you may see more traffic in your logs from Googlebot Smartphone. You may also see that snippets in Google Search results are now generated from the mobile version of your content." "Background: Mobile-first indexing means that Googlebot will now use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking, to better help our (primarily mobile) users find what they're looking for. Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have historically used the desktop version of your site's content, which can cause issues for mobile searchers when the desktop version differs from the mobile version. Our analysis indicates that the mobile and desktop versions of your site are comparable" This is ridiculous. So Google now thinks most searches are done on tiny screen, mobile phones on the move, looking at inferior mobile versions of desktop and laptop websites? True I have a basic mobile version of my main website and a package that convert my Wordpress blog for small screens, but they will never be as good and easy to use as a desktop/laptop version. Could it be that Google makes MORE MONEY from its ads on mobile website versions? How many of you would actually prioritise our mobile version and spend money on it as a result of this latest Google interference?
  4. My mobile written content is by and large the actual content on the desktop version. I don't bother much to update it (statistics etc) though so I suppose it wont have much effect. What I do know is that the AdSense revenue generated for the desktop version is double that from the mobile version for 60% more visitors. As far as I am concerned phones are for calling people, texting and taking the odd photo!
  5. Is it worth doing re direct external link revising or updating. I don't mind doing broken links removal (once a year) or changing but re directs I have about 60 or so. A lot of mine are either to or from http://www. website to http://website or the other way around. Quiet why they have done this as most of my links do not sell anything and don't need to be "secure" There was a rumour that having an https helped with SEO. All of them work or the ones I have tried do so what is if any the advantage of changing an external link to the new redirect URL?
  6. Makes you wonder why Google don't do something and sandbox the sites responsible.
  7. Thanks for that WW. I checked out Google and it said that migrating to https may have a short term drop in traffic so I wont be bothering especially as its more expensive. I note this site is still http!
  8. I am getting really fed up of these spam bit referrals. I have set up a filter in admin to stop around 50 of these URLs but thye just change a number and back they come! It is making Google Analytics worthless. "I took my spam filter tool down as it is very ineffective for tackling referral spam in Google analytics" says it all!! I have used the moz.com/blog tip in my .htaccess and still I get these!
  9. These are external links I have on my website (for users benefit) that have changed and are 301 re directs. They get to the page intended nevertheless. But may take a second longer to download due to the re direct. Does this harm my page SEO? I have no idea what PIA means/is. P = Pointless? Just looked it up (on Google!) "Private Internet Access" Does google have a "rule" on https now? My traffic has doubled in the last 12 months to its best ever. To be honest I have done nothing at all SEO wise in the last 12 months. Changing anything may harm this perhaps?
  10. Error: Attribute height not allowed on element a at this point. From line 147, column 9; to line 147, column 130 >↩ <a class="twitter-timeline" href="https://twitter.com/NewHomesExpert1" data-widget-id="687196043902107648" height="390px">Tweets I am getting a error showing up in w3 validation. How can I specify the height of the twitter feed on my home page without having it where it is above?
  11. I got a solution on another forum. I changed height="390px" to data-height="390" and it passed the w3 validation and is the height I want. Yes it was the Twitter one.
  12. What are the members opinions of Bulk e mail marketing. This firm charges £49 for one e mail to 2.7million UK e mail addresses. It may work out cost neutral with increased adsense revenue. Is it a bit of a scam? Obviously I wont know until after the e mail have been sent if indeed they all are? The firm is www.email-list-uk.co.uk
  13. I can't see how I could have been more clear! Nothing will change anytime soon without 100,000 signing by end March 2017. Its as if people like being badly treated and ignored by indifferent plc housebuilders.
  14. Hi WW I did all those. 1,700 Twitter followers 227 Forum members 608 Facebook Group members and about 2,000 e mail addresses in my address book! yet thus far, just 369 have signed!
  15. hmm. Thanks guys. I had thought this too. I don't want to be associated with spamming but as a one time one off, it might be/have been worth it. What I have is a petition to parliament https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/167660 Only UK residents can sign it. But it needs a boost. just 335 signed in a month! My thinking is/was a one off bulk e mail to 2.7m UK consumers would mean a hit rate of just 1% I would get enough for the government debate. This issue is quite important to me, I have been campaigning for seven years. I have heard back from the firm and they tell me the £49.99 is for "single use of the data only" They would charge me £2,500 fro them to send one e mail to the 2.7m e mail addresses. With bulk e mailer software available, I think this is a scam, and anyway way above what I can afford or justify.
  16. JASPER

    Wordpress SEO by Yoast

    I have just installed this and I think its set up right but it is showing my traffic has gone to near zero in Google analytics since I did it yesterday. I previously used All In One SEO but hoped Yoast would be better? What have I done? www.new-home-blog.co.uk
  17. I have just installed Wordpress SEO by Yoast. I have set up the site map today and pinged it. The pages are not being indexed! My traffic has all but disappeared since I installed Yoast! Please help!
  18. JASPER

    Wordpress SEO by Yoast

    It was because All; In One SEO had Analytics settings and Yoast didnt.
  19. So now I have worked out what it was no analytics code! The old All In One SEO had analytics part in it. When I disabled it and activated Yoast SEO Google analytics couldn't work. Thanks for your help everyone!
  20. Weird thing is, my pages still figure on top 10 in search results as they did before? Just don't know why Analytics is showing no traffic today!
  21. JASPER

    Just posting quality content versus SEO

    Don't pay anyone for SEO would be my advice! Google change the algorithms so regularly to stop anyone getting any advantage. If your content is good and what people are searching for, they will find it. I just take care to have the best page title, and best url for what I am writing about. Pages get listed on page 1 quite quickly.
  22. JASPER

    Have You Upgraded to Windows 10?

    Yes Office 1997 works all except for OUTLOOK. I used to use Outlook Express on old PC which I loved. I have tried with Office 2013 which will take some learning buy cant get it activated. Is Keysonlineshop.com safe and legit?
  23. Is there a really good SAFE website where I can download things like Whipser FTP transfer for example and Fileziller? I have a new PC and don't want it infected.
  24. JASPER

    Have You Upgraded to Windows 10?

    Bugger me I'm the expert for once! I bought a brand spanking new Desktop PC an HP 550-154na with Windows 10 factory installed (no upgrade required!) First thing I noticed was it was a bot different to Windows 10 upgraded from 8.1. Window 10 is much much better than 8.1 in my opinion. Not sure how to get it all to work as I am used to in XP but learning. I have a 128GB SSD which everything goes to by default which is annoying. I want my files in the 1TB hard disc. I have moved them but each time I go to open it starts off with the SSD Documents not the data disc!! Re programs working, I have not found ANY programs that wont work in Windows 10. I am using Office 1997 and apart from Outlook it all works fine. Also Quicken 2004 which I thought may be a problem works too. It seems there is a compatibility function in Windows 10 that helps them work.
  25. JASPER

    A Little Used Technique To Grow Twitter Followers Fast

    Not me, him! I was implying he goes on and on trying to pad out his content. He would never manage to be concise.