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  1. flann

    pspell_suggest help

    Has anyone ever worked with the pspell_suggest function and been able to get a more meaningful suggestion out of it. I'm trying to use it to aid my fulltext search and I can't get a meaningful suggestion out of it. The big term that I'm trying to solve is when someone types in econ, it suggesting economics. thanks in advance.
  2. flann

    textbox overlay suggestion

    Does anyone know what its called when you have the overlay in a textbox and then when you click on the text box it disappears? I've tried searching google, but I'm not even sure what its called. What I want to use it for is a text box asking for a date and I want to show the format in the text box, but when the click on the text box to enter a date, it goes away. Thank you.
  3. What i'm trying to do is use an array or variable to call a particular function. I know that I could use a switch statement to do this, however I would like to find out if it is also possible this way. >
  4. flann

    Get Script Code

    Is this what you're looking for > if not, could you explain a little more please. thanks
  5. I'm trying to figure out how I can download a remote directory through code. I know that I can download individual remote files using the ftp functions in php, however the directory that I want to be able to download will not have constant files. I read that I can't use the glob() function when dealing with a remote directory, does anyone know how to accomplish this?
  6. flann

    lightbox and thickbox

    I've tried that one, however I don't think it has the play and stop features. Do you know if it is easy to add these features?
  7. flann

    lightbox and thickbox

    Does anyone know of any tutorials for either lightbox or thickbox that has a slideshow with play, stop, next and previous buttons?
  8. flann

    XP - Vista network

    I'm not really great with windows systems and I'm at my friends house right now trying to help him network the two of them together. It is proving to be a pain in my a$$. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  9. flann

    server went down

    I have a leased server. On friday it went down and I didn't notice it was down until yesterday. My question is, how do some of you minimize the amount of time a server is down before it gets noticed?
  10. flann

    email open rates

    It would give me a more accurate number on if the email is read, how many people respond. And also as you stated, make sure i got the title correct.
  11. flann

    email open rates

    Does anyone know where I can learn how to track how many people are opening an email out of an email campaign? I know that it is possible, but i'm not sure where to begin. I'm using htmlMimemail5, php. thanks in advance
  12. flann


    thank you, you've certainly eased my mind on this deal.
  13. flann


    I'm trying to buy a domain from someone and they want to purchase it from them through a third party https://www.escrow.com/solutions/domain_name/index.asp This is the first time i've ever tried to purchase a domain from other than a registar, and I'm not sure what I should be looking out for. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  14. i'm trying to create a form that I can put on multiple sites that are on multiple servers. I'm using ajax and php to create this form. I got it to work on the site where all the main files reside, but when I put the form on another site, I get the following error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to call method XMLHttpRequest.open by reading the error I can see that there is some sort of security issue with running ajax across multiple sites. How do I go about fixing it, or allowing certain sites to run ajax across sites. thank you
  15. flann

    OOP extends

    I'm just learning OOP and i'm using php5. Right now i'm working on a login script for a project for a local school. The user privileges need to extend twice. Students can log in and do certain things. Teachers can log in and do teacher type stuff, plus everything that there students can do. Adminstrators can log in and do administrative stuff, plus everything teachers can do. I was reading on php.net about extends and it states Like I stated above, i'm new to OOP, but am I approaching my problem wrong from the get go? I was thinking about setting up the students class then the teachers class would extend the students class and the administrators class would extend the teachers class.