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  1. brian.mark

    Do Affiliate schemes actually pay?

    You totally can... provided you don't make the CJ stuff "look like" AdSense ads and don't have the CJ contextual. It's different CPC contextual engines that they really don't want on the same page so you don't end up with the same merchants from several competing ad programs. Brian.
  2. brian.mark

    Podcasting... ugh

    If you have the ambition and can get it listed in iTunes (fairly easy now), then it'd be totally awesome if you could podcast every post. Text and audio hit different markets, so you're increasing your exposure that way. Brian.
  3. brian.mark

    Where did my email go?

    Spam? What spam? Brian.
  4. brian.mark

    Ses Ny 07

    Everyone I show pictures to ask who the old guy is (referring to NeO). Did you notice on the bus, it looks like he's totally bald? One of my co-workers even asked who the old guy with his daughter was. (I have to get back at NeO for calling me Bob.) Brian.
  5. brian.mark

    Domain Registration

    I can't say yes for certain (the engines don't let us peek under the hood really), but I do know I was ranking well 1 month after launching a new site that I registered for 5 years. Brian.
  6. brian.mark

    Does posting here help SEO?

    Sort of. Depends on the engine. The more posts, the more bot action you'll get from any engine, but Google generally only counts 1 link per site. Others... maybe they aren't so smart. Brian.
  7. brian.mark

    Beginning SEO Podcast

    That'll indeed be interesting. Audio from half a country away is hard enough, but video is going to be much more challenging. I'm glad we're having professionals produce those. Brian.
  8. brian.mark

    Need help with CSS print stylesheet

    I might have missed something, but isn't placing images next to your AdSense ads now against the TOS? Might want to address that, kaethy. Brian.
  9. brian.mark

    Happy Birthday NeO!

    He's so old, he forgot to respond to this thread. Brian.
  10. brian.mark

    Need help with CSS print stylesheet

    Looks like Roland has a handle on this... I'll just watch for problems. Brian.
  11. brian.mark

    Finding A Good PHP Programmer

    Other than that PHP part, I know a few. Seems like I'm in the Perl crowd. Brian.
  12. brian.mark

    Meta Tags of website

    If you'd like to hear about meta tags, click the play button on this page. Brian.
  13. brian.mark

    Looking for some good affiliates

    Affiliate links don't pay per click. They pay per sale / lead. Something that converts really well could pay more than $1/click, while ones that don't convert as well might be .01 or less per click. A lot will be based on how qualified of traffic you're sending, which making a directory won't do. Besides just adding links, you'll also need to work on gathering traffic. Figure out what you can get rankings for and find offers that match. Brian.
  14. brian.mark

    Beginning SEO Podcast

    They're starting to get easier, and my audio production skills are getting better, too. Brian.
  15. brian.mark

    find long tail keywords

    I export the list from our analytics on a fairly regular basis. The full list of phrases is usually about 40 - 50,000 per month per site, which shows me lots of tail terms. Most of them have nobody bidding, so getting that top ranking (which is pretty easy) is all I usually try to do. Brian.