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  1. bushman

    Laid off Graphic Artist Builds his first website

    Hey Logan, you have a great website idea... I've taken a look at your site. Looks great! I would seriously suggest working on your content. You've got areas where you can add tutorials, articles, etc. That's perfect for search engine inclusion. Work on revising your content too. For example, the article on "How much does it cost to hire a graphic artist?" could be a great information piece. However, the writing style along with the grammatical/spelling errors take away from the professional aspect of your site. Errors in content are a big no-no. You might want to rewrite the article. Also, keep in mind your target audience. I'm sure existing designers could use your website for free content and tutorials. But they might not really be interested in an article that's geared towards the end consumer or client. But an article on "How to figure out your graphic design rate" might be a winner.
  2. bushman

    Create Your Own iPhone App

    Considering that Apple is a leader in the market of smart phones, it would make sense to develop your own application for the iPhone platform. The Apple App Store has a large variety of apps, most of them are extremely inexpensive, usually around 99ยข. Doesn't sound like a lot of money; you just have to think in volume. If there are 8 million iPhones in circulation, and you can capture 1% of the market with your app, then you've got $80,000 in revenue. As the article states, one would have to do their homework... check the competition and the market to see if there is a need for your app; and then plan out your app. Don't expect to make money right off the bat... it'll take some money to get off the ground and get rolling. And if one doesn't have programming knowledge, no problem. If your idea is a good one, and well thought out, you always have the option to source out the work to an independent programmer or firm.
  3. bushman

    WP designer here!

    Welcome to the forum Dulcepixels.... great to have a WordPress designer on board. Got a site where we can check out your work?
  4. bushman

    Family Guy

    The chicken fight is a classic! If I'm not mistaken Fabio, there's two or three chicken fight sequences, since that chicken's like the Terminator... he never dies!
  5. bushman

    Where do you buy your domain names?

    I've used 10dollar.ca for my .CA registrations (Canada). The price is fantastic for a .ca, which I've seen selling for about 20 to 30 dollars.
  6. bushman

    Godaddy.com Coupon Code

    I haven't used them in a little while... has anyone else used these codes recently?
  7. bushman

    Moving TWT to new domain

    Looks good Fabio! (Now where did I put my sunglasses? )
  8. bushman

    Hi to all

    Wow, I missed this one... hi Kenneth, welcome!!!
  9. bushman

    Domain name value

    Hey Pedestal, try Nameboy.com: http://www.nameboy.com/nameboyappraisal/order.php
  10. bushman


    Hey PJ, how's it hanging?
  11. bushman

    Godaddy.com Coupon Code

    No problem... glad someone was able to save some bucks!
  12. bushman

    Jasper is goign abroad!

    Sounds like a nice place to be Jasper... over here in Montreal, we just got about 15 to 20 cm of snow mixed with ice pellets. Got any more space on that plane?
  13. Hi Terryson, welcome to the forum!
  14. bushman

    2008 auto Show

    I don't see it in your collection Fabio, but my fav. car is the Dodge Charger! It's been rumoured that they'll come out with a 2 door model (in addition to the current four door model). The one thing I have against it is the interior styling... I'm really not crazy about it... I could sit inside a Cobalt and have similar styling.
  15. bushman

    LOST - TV Series

    I can't wait for this new season to begin... but I'm not sure if they'll have a full season because of the writers' strike. It's been so long, I almost need a refresher on LOST...