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    Creativity in your writing

    Constant reading and writing can really enhance your creativity side. You need to read a lot to get some ideas and you also need to practice writing to put your ideas into words.
  2. Ashton Colass

    19 Effective Offline Advertising Methods for Your Website

    If you want to advertise your business and website offline, try using newspaper, magazines, radios and TVs. Or if you target is local audiences, then the "word of mouth" is very effective and the best way to promote your business- that is for FREE!
  3. Ashton Colass

    Which is best paid or free?

    If you want your site to rank in all major search engines then go for free links. If your after is sales then go for paid links, but the best way to have both worlds is do SEO for free. Aside from gaining traffic to your website you can also generate sales from those people who visited your site.