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  1. rizly77

    Google Warns 20,000 Webmasters About 'Weird Redirects'

    How to find out this ... I also have webmaster tools account ..but I didn't get any massages ..Is there any other way to find out this >>??
  2. Hi, I don't recieve any notification emails when some reply to my topic or when reply to a topic I follow..
  3. rizly77

    Newbie :

  4. rizly77

    will I get banned

    Thanks for your advice I think it is better to remove the ebooks ...right??
  5. rizly77

    will I get banned

    Hi, In my forum, there is an option for uploading & downloading ebooks,. Actually I don't have the rights of those ebooks. I want to if have this option in my forum will adsense ban me. Because I can see in some other free eboooks downloading website they still have adsense in there website. Please advice whether I should keep this option or remove it. Here is the forum where I allow free ebooks downloading [removed] thanking you
  6. Hi, Have created a forum for learners , I have included forums, tutorials , Video lectures, ebook downloads & more, But still I am having problems with getting members to my forum, There are members who get registered & doesn't return back again. there visitors. But no members .. I need some advice for my forum to improve it. Please help by giving some advice, feedback & reviews about my website . My website is [removed] thanking you,
  7. rizly77

    Review for my website: QuotesBy.co.uk

    Looking great...
  8. rizly77

    Newbie :

    Hi, I am new to this community. It is great website & having great categories ..Seems to be good for webmasters thanks

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