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    How many directories?

    Bulk submission never boost ranking it harm ranking instead of boosting. Directory submission should be done only pr directory site and i consider that 5 submission is enough for 1 url.
  2. markdavid

    How Improve website rank One Month?

    Getting site up in a month is a really very tuff job. But your targted keywords are not competative and you targted on long tail keywords than it can be possible by proper on page optimization.
  3. markdavid

    Reduce Bounce Rate: 20 Things to Consider

    There are lots of thing that increase bounce rate. Keywords relevantcy, meta description or content that appear upder the title in Google search result, Lading page, website design and more.
  4. Hi there, I found 3 option whiling setting up ppc campaign:- search & Display networks Search Netork only Display netork only What excatly it is. please explain.
  5. I got your point. Can i get tips on how to increase pinterest followers. Sharing unique and creative images and content is the best way to increase follower but apart from this is there any tricks to increase followers on pinterest. Thanks
  6. markdavid

    Google+ Rolling Out 18 New Features Today

    yes, I have seen these feature and i think that users must like it.
  7. markdavid

    What is Facebook Graph Search ?

    Hi There, What is facebook graph search. What kind of thing can be searched in Facebook graph search and what will be future of this new search pattern. Does it will boom search engine for searching for that particular types of things and may it become a marketing platform. What you think ?
  8. markdavid

    What is going to be the goal of Google Spam team in 2013?

    I think a efficient spammer will not try to spam becuase thing has been changed completely.
  9. markdavid

    Keyword Analysis?

    The nubmer of searches which are shown after putting keywords in Google search box and competition which shown in keywords tools.
  10. markdavid

    7 Tips for Sharing Articles on Twitter

    Twitter users who has plenty of followers and if he has blog than writing article related to their theme and put his or her blog url for more info and send him notification through twitter about this. It's a one of the best trick.
  11. markdavid

    14 Reasons No One Talks To You On Facebook

    I am not compelety agree with your view. It's depends on person's nature. There are plenty different nature people some are open, some are neutral and some are close and something also depends on peoples mood. So this formula cannot be apply with everyone.
  12. markdavid

    What is the most honest PPC?

    I have not understand your query. What do you mean by honest PPC. I think that PPC is the best and easiest way to get at potential business audiences and everything medium of marketing comes after PPC.
  13. markdavid

    How can i promote a ad on facebook?

    Creative ad on Facebook is very easy. You just need to go settings - Avertise - Build Audience and follow the form.
  14. markdavid

    Which is best paid or free?

    Peguine Update do not allow paid links. Always focus to build natural links in relevant and good resources.
  15. markdavid

    5 Ways to Succeed at Global PPC

    The sucess in PPC depends on the keywords relevancy to ads. PPC is the best way to reach at targeted potential audiences and one can get good return on investment.