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  1. Nullified

    Cheap Shared Hosting (with discounts)??

    Seems like someon'e using coupon code from WHT's forum.
  2. Nullified

    Absolute links

    an absolute path would include the full path with domain and protocol, whilist a relative link would only include the path relative to the document containing the link. Be advised you don't need to have that span element inside your link, just move the class to the a tag and ensure that span.Body-Text-23-C0 in your css is now a.Body-Text-23-C0
  3. Nullified

    jQuery help needed

    post da code homie
  4. Nullified

    Hello from the OP9 Staff

    Hello all, I am Jason and am the chairman of Option9 Hosting LLC. I look forward to growing with the community.

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