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    What is the most honest PPC?

    Google Adsense is far and away the best, I also like Chitika, advertising and edomz in second tier network. personally i am working with all these network as a publishers.
  2. john129

    Ad Publisher Programs

    Atleast for me edomz.com is best Ad Publisher Programs, there is many good reason behind of it, They are professional network, international ads, excellent support and very reliable in payment. Their ads are clean, you can set frequency cap or how much minimum bid you want to accept.
  3. john129

    What is the most honest PPC?

    As a publisher edomz.com and valueclick media both works good for me, using these network for long time, both are professional and reliable network. there are many other good network which you can consider like yahoo ads, google adsense,infolinks, clicksor and many more.
  4. john129

    Money or Health?

    I believe in "health is wealth", if you have good health you can earn wealth, so for me health is always first priority.
  5. john129

    How to Select a Best Web Hosting Company?

    These Tips may help you to find Best shared Web Hosting Cost Hosting, Addon Domains, Down time, Web Space, Customer Support, Cpanel, Money Back Guarantee, Reviews and many more.
  6. Edomz.com pay daily to there users with minimum $5 payout and they pay via paypal, moneybookers, alertpay and Liberty Reserve. I am one of the satisfied publishers its really works to my traffic.
  7. john129

    hello everyone

    I'm for the first time on this forum and want to say hello to all members of it.