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  1. unitechy

    My new FREE Digital car magazine...check it out

    site looks good.. all the very best with you new site
  2. unitechy

    Market place

    Hello, I had submitted an article in market place about my service offered over here . But i havent recieved any good feedback from here ... Are you guys, who have submitted in market place of massive links getting better feedback? Or do i need to work more to promote? how do i do that? please help
  3. unitechy

    Sibername.com prices?

    Please make sure that you dont reveal the domain name that you are going to buy. People try to buy domains and sell it at higher cost. Go for godaddy
  4. unitechy

    Busygirl is here

    Welcome busy girl hope you enjoy your stay
  5. unitechy

    I've Been Booted From Adsense

    they get to know somehow that your account is linked to previous one. one of my friend was banned from google and when he created new account he got a message that his account was realted to his previous one , so please close down this account
  6. unitechy

    Mr Music Download Logo

    http://www.bedavamp3arsivi.com/ finally got it from where i saw this
  7. unitechy

    Presentation tools other than PowerPoint

    i now use google docs to dl stuff very useful tool
  8. unitechy

    Hi I've made some painting :D

    yeah even i would like to see your work dude.. please reupload it
  9. unitechy

    Mr Music Download Logo

    Just tested.. this script is better than what i had seen. It hides the url from where you are downloading the mp3. Nice script dude
  10. unitechy

    Mr Music Download Logo

    ha hope you get sometime soon to remove that rights codes. anyway all i wanted to know is does this site use database?? i dont think so.. it just tracks right?
  11. unitechy

    Using wordpress for business

    i agree..
  12. unitechy

    Mr Music Download Logo

    dude where did you buy that script? i saw same script somewhere... though it dint use database
  13. unitechy

    exmasters.com and adult content.

    i second that hqhost.net is better for adult content site
  14. unitechy

    .Me domains

    So anyone got any .me domains?
  15. I have just joined it