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  1. vwebworld

    improve search results

    Hi, Haven't been on this forum for a while I'm looking for some feedback on a site that has dropped in search results. There has not been any google penalty. Dropped for search results for "jerky" and "Beef jerky". Any suggestions would be appreciated. website: http://houseofjerky.net ~Roland
  2. vwebworld

    Do you still use online bookmarks?

    I use browser bookmarks.
  3. vwebworld

    Check out Photocenter

    Thanks....... The colors in the name... a client preference. ~Roland
  4. vwebworld

    Check out Photocenter

    Check out the redesigned web wite for K-Ellis photocenter. A local Dartmouth, Massachusetts full service camera shopincluding 1 hour film, Massachusetts digital photo processing, Massachusetts Photo finishing, New & used camera equipment, frames, photo mats, and photo accessories. ~Roland
  5. vwebworld

    Joomla or Oscommerce

    Well, Joomla and osCommerce are totally diferent - that is they are made to do different things. OsCommerce is an ecommerce application while Joomla is a CMS application. If you want to "sell" online there are ecommerce applications that integrate with Joomla, but you can also use OsCommerce with Joomla - just have a link to the ecommerce "store". Rather than osCommerce, I would recommend ZenCart. I think it is a little ahead of osCommerce. ~Roland
  6. vwebworld

    Text links on Home pages

    As already stated... text links are read by Google unless they are "no-follow" links. The only reason I can think of why they say "Google does not link text links on home page" is that links from your site to another site can negatively impact your site "popularity". In general, you want more in-bound relevant links than out-bound links. ~Roland
  7. vwebworld

    Windows 7 Beta

    I recently replaced a laptop. The new one came with Windows 7 OS. IT IS GREAT! Much much better than VISTA and even faster than XP. I take back my prior words... I'm a fan of Windows 7. ~Roland
  8. vwebworld

    Building a forum website

    Absolutely! Promoting complaints about a company or person can put you in a legal battle. Especially, if such post affect the amount of revenue to the company or in anyway reduce profit. While "Truth" is the ultimate defense, how do you know that what anyone posts IS the "truth"? ~Roland
  9. vwebworld

    How do I add shopping cart to Joomla Website?

    There is an ecommerce program that works with Joomla that you could use. However, that is not your only option. You can use any ecommerce program (like ZenCart) and provide a link to the ecommerce "store" from your Joomla site. Example: http://swingmentors.com A Joomla site, with a link to a Zen Cart online store. ~Roland
  10. vwebworld

    Effective strategy for an E-commerce site

    Part of the answer lie in where your target market is? Are they on social media sites (twitter, FaceBook, etc)? Blogs (specific to your ecommerce products/services)? Find out where the ecommerce site's potential customers are and market there. ~Roland
  11. vwebworld

    Windows 7 Beta

    Windows 7 did get some good reviews... including - "better than vista". Have a new computer, which includes windows 7 , when it comes out later in October. We'll see how it is - for real then. ~Roland
  12. vwebworld

    Twitter Follows?

    Your strategy for following on Twitter should be guided by your purpose for using Twitter. For example: if you sell widgets, you might follow anyone that posts about widgets. Also, follow those on Twitter that fit your target market. If you goal is to get your name out there as much as possible... you might follow most that follow you. You do want to check the person's follow/following numbers too. Some one that only has followers.. and not or limits follows, may not be helpful. ~Roland
  13. vwebworld

    Top Twitter Tools

    Some others: http://tweetdeck.com/beta/ http://www.tweetlater.com/login http://twitthis.com/ Top 40 Twitter tools ~Roland
  14. vwebworld

    A New look for the forum?

    Functionally.. the forum is fine. A new/revised look might be nice, but not necessary. I may revise some of my clients' site with an updated look if it makes functional, SEO or user friendliness sense. ~Roland
  15. I've used Swish for years... a good alternative to Adobe. ~Roland