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  1. Thats why I keep my photos private, and I know that most people when they start applying for jobs they change their name on facebook to help circumvent the extra measures that the companies are doing.
  2. Fleming

    Do you use Android Apps?

    I have tons of android apps on my phone. I have games, notes, settings, music, all across the board. I love the games though, great if you ever need to kill some time
  3. Fleming

    What's your favorite American series?

    How I met your mother, All seasons, And Big Bang Theory Both are awesome shows!
  4. Fleming

    Free Traffic Without Google – Is It Possible?

    Good tips in there! Its great to have a back up plan just in case the dreaded does happen, that way you won't be caught like a fish out of water
  5. Fleming

    How long before Penguin SEO is noted

    Hopefully you'll get back up there in a few more days... but any longer than a week or so I'd take some more action
  6. Fleming

    What is your favorite hobby?

    Playing Football and soccer
  7. Looks like the movie Limitless is going to come true after all. Just imagine what kind of things this could do in the financial world!
  8. Fleming

    Happy to Become a member!

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. Fleming

    Do I need the 3G with AT&T for an iPad?

    No, You can buy the IPAD Without the 3g option aswell and just wifi. Personally I don't like 3g on any of my tablets, I consider 3g too slow, The only way I would use internet on a tablet is if it was 4gLTE. Buying the ipad without the 3g option may be cheaper as well
  10. Fleming

    Chrome or Fire Fox How Do You Roll?

    I prefer mozilla firefox for work related business such as webmastering and etc. When I'm home I prefer to use chrome for personal browsing, I find it to be much faster
  11. Fleming

    Internet Explorer 9 Rocks!

    Really? Wow I've been staying away from IE the past 5 years or so, I might have to check this out, I didn't know that IE has finally stepped up their game this much
  12. Hello Everyone I just joined this forum. I hope to meet some great new people and to help eachother grow!