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  1. michelle


    After being an active loyal member of TWT I have decided to leave the forum. I can not be a member of a forum that makes rules yet does not enforce them. I have learned a lot here and I'm sad to leave. When a thread begins with stating I'm going to offend and the owner of the site says that's ok that's too much for me. I have unsubscribed to all threads, including this one. God bless you all, Michelle
  2. not true, reread your post it was intended to offend. you seem to enjoy stirring the pot and breaking rules of the forum. and unfortunately it is being allowed. good point, wow you actually made one regarding the censorship. BUT i am not misguided in anyway. again i say re-read your post. you started your thread trying to offend. lets call a spade a spade. i think the mods should enforce the rules of the forum. i'd still like my question answered. why was Jasper's purposeful attack allowed? I might be.
  3. I think that as long as we stick to the rules that already in place we will be just fine. I'm good w/ condition #1 though.
  4. I found this in the Lounge rules:
  5. Fabio, I'd like to know why he wasn't shut down by a mod. He purposely started the thread to p*ss people off.
  6. michelle

    Long Time No Here

    Wonderful news!!! Say hi to Kat for me.
  7. michelle


    Maybe you should re-read you Halloween post. There is nothing pro-America in that post. Every hear the saying If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all? You started this thread stating You try to anger people your a punk. You continue to talk negatively about the United States. I think you should show your real face, tell the world who you are and then say Otherwise stop it. Keep your mouth shut OR Stand up be a man and stop hiding behind an avatar. :mad: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
  8. michelle

    Social Networking/Bookmarking

    i don't know about anyone else but i could still use some help with this topic.
  9. michelle

    Long Time No Here

    Glad you are back! I hope that means you are fully recovered from your accident.
  10. michelle


    Right back at ya babe!
  11. michelle

    Guest or Host at Parties?

    Although I do like going to parties. I love the catering side of a party. I love to make appetizers and setting up the party. I'm usually completely stressed out and exhausted but I do love it. Whenever I go to ask if I can help. I can't help it, it's part of who I am.
  12. michelle

    Slowly coming back

    Welcome Back! :welcome: Seems as though your Webmaster Forum turned into a Political Forum while you were gone. Can you fix that please.
  13. michelle


    I have so many stresses in my life right now. I come here to chat a bit with some friends and have the benefit to learn some things at the same time. In a forum that I frequented previously I had this same problem. It was lovely until someone started stirring the pot and bashing Americans. I have non-existent free time. I steal time to come here. I don't want to come here and be pissed off. If I wanted to be pissed of there are plenty of other places for me to go. Thanks for your $.02 NeO I always appreciate it. Ok, almost always.
  14. michelle


    So now the USA is responsible for the death of some old man in Britain. We are also responsible for you being a grumpy disgusting human being. You talk so much crap. Be a man and show your real face. Tell us who you really are. Better yet, tell you SH*T to a MARINE. Yeah, I didn't think so.