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  1. longlivemedia

    Free Traffic Without Google – Is It Possible?

    Isn't it that the original purpose of the quote is on investment and/or sales? That we shouldn't rely on a single man's huge purchases because it will only make us vulnerable? Anyway, at some point, it may be congruent to the quote. But the main thing why these have been done is for building the ranks. It still goes back to the reliance on search engines.
  2. longlivemedia

    Why Are You Buying Fans, Friends and Followers?

    It is definitely pointless. But many people still remained desperate on doing these techniques. Anyway, it's their money that's wasted.
  3. longlivemedia

    How to Master Pinterest for B2B Marketing

    Pinterest has really grown that great that even B2B Marketing has found its place in the social network.
  4. longlivemedia

    Content Sharing: Sharing To Smaller Audiences Provides More Impact

    Thanks for sharing the article. Statistics revealed quite a shocking pattern that is in contrast to what most marketers believe. Anyway, at least now we know what to do about viral marketing.
  5. longlivemedia

    Build Your Social Media Influence With Twitter Lists

    That was a great read. Twitter seems to be a very simple social networking site but it's functionality is really advance. Thanks for sharing the article here.
  6. longlivemedia

    Using QR Codes – The Complete Guide!

    QR codes are really a great way to market a business online. The three elements you need in this market strat are barcode app, free QR generator and a reason to market them. Of course, smartphones have to be there as well.
  7. longlivemedia


    Pinterest has really gained considerable popularity and users. Because of that, a lot of business owners consider it as a good business marketing platform.
  8. longlivemedia

    19 Effective Offline Advertising Methods for Your Website

    With this current trend in marketing, where people get so much involved with the internet, offline marketing has to be done in a wise way. You must think about how much time people spend with your advertisements, the functionality of your promotional products, etc.
  9. longlivemedia

    10 Deadly Mistakes With Email Marketing

    Yes, email marketing has to be done in a very smart way. Especially with the fact presented here, checking emails seem to be a very important thing for people. One bad move, you surely would lose your potential customers. Also, in email marketing, you need to make sure that your emails have to be customer-oriented. What people would usually ask is, "What's in it for us?" Thanks for this post.
  10. longlivemedia

    Informational Products

    Ebooks are great for guides or practical tips. But if I were to download a certain type of informational material on how-to stuff, I would opt for tutorial videos. Or podcasts.
  11. longlivemedia

    5 Productivity Tips For The Time-Poor Entrepreneur

    Those tips are very useful. I'll do my best to apply those to my daily routine. Thanks for sharing.