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    Occasionally, clients want to write their own copy for Google Display Ads or want to provide image ads. Responsive display ads, while not as pretty, are more effective since they fit into more spaces, especially when it comes to mobile devices. I usually suggest responsive ads, and in doing so, I provide them with the specs. I figured that since I have to send them this info, there may be others that are looking for the specs too. Below is what can be used when creating display ads. Headlines (Up to 5 headlines) 30 characters Long Headline (1) 90 characters Descriptions (Up to 5 descriptions) 90 characters URL (Landing Page) YouTube Video (Up to 5) Images (Up to 5) Landscape (1.91:1): 1200×628 (min required: 600×314, max file size: 5120KB) Square: 1200×1200 (min required: 300×300, max file size: 5120KB)